Photo Gallery

Mr. Powers (right) with actress Nadej Bailey at Get Connected.

 Mr. Powers (far Right) on the set of the Southlan-Films production HALLOWEEN: RETURN OF THE SANDMAN.

Mr. Powers (front) on set of a vampire photo shoot. 

Mr. Powers (center) with the crew of his film "THE OLD WOMAN & THE PARK." 

The cast & crew of the Interstate Films production "TURN THE OTHER CHEEK."  

Mr. Powers at the "A Night of Short Films" Film Screening where his film "Miss Kitty & Me" and "Alone" screened before an audience. 

Mr. Powers (left) with Ondie Daniel during the filming of the 48 Film Competition Showdown television "Pilot."  

Mr. Powers (left) with actress Lynn McArthur (center) and friend.
Mr. Powers (center) with film makers John Conkle (left) and
Jimmielee Smith (right).

Mr. Powers (far left) with the cast & crew of the Infectious Film production of Kattie Bell Akin's music video "The Boy of My Dreams."
Mr. Powers (left) with writer/producer/director Byron C. Erwin at
Gwinnett Center Int'l Film Festival 2013.

Mr. Powers (far front left) at the World Premiere of the Interstate Films production "TURN THE OTHER CHEEK" with cast & crew.

Mr. Powers (right) at the LYNCH MOB World Premiere. 

Mr. Powers (left) on set of the Interstate Films production "TURN THE OTHER CHEEK." 

Mr. Powers at the "Cryptshow.Net Fan Film Screening of the films "THE MAN IN THE LAKE" and "TCM: NEW BLOOD" which he worked on for Southlan-Films. 

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