Kevin L. Powers

Picture taken in 2008. 

Host of Get Connected Networking Event.

Mr. Powers as a lawyer in one of his films. 

Mr. Powers on set of a vampire film. 


Writer/Producer/Director - Film & Television & Corporate


Mr. Kevin L. Powers graduated from Georgia State University in 2000 with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication. His Major was Film (with a Theatre Minor).  Since graduating he has worked for several film production companies including Southlan-Films (JACK O'LANTERN , HELL'S END, BAD LAND, and AND ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE), Blank Stage Productions ("No Experience Necessary" and the feature BETWEEN LOVE & A HARD PLACE), Infectious Films ("Picture Perfect" and "The Morning After") and various other companies. 

He is also Festival Director/Program Director for Something Wicked Film Festival (2016-Present) and Program Director of the Gwinnett Center International Film Festival (2013-2015) .

He started off as an actor in many short films produced by Southlan-Films and directed by Ron McLellen ("Night of the Hungry Dead", "From Above", and "Seance") before moving onto features with JACK O'LANTERN and the anthology film THE SAYER.  He also has a re-occurring role as Clyde on the ongoing web series "The Lumber Baron of Jasper County"  (2012-Present).

In addition to staring in several shorts and features, Mr. Powers has also acted on the stage in the original stage productions of CAFE APRES (a Dada-ist play), MOMMY DEAREST 2 (a satire on film and film industry), and PSYCHED (in which he played a possible Vietnam war vet in a mental institution).

Mr. Powers not only acts in both film and theatre but has a huge presence behind the camera as well.  He has been production manager on several independent films (HELL'S END, BAD LAND, THE SEEKERS: INVESTIGATING SOUTHERN HAUNTS, BETWEEN LOVE & A HARD PLACE) and has produced several films as well (BAD LAND, "The Gift", "The Morning After", "Picture Perfect").  He has also worked in sound (I'LL BE HOMELESS FOR CHRISTMAS and TEARS OF BANKERS).

Mr. Powers' main focus is on writing, producing, and directing of through his company Broken Lighthouse Pictures (the feature HOUSE OF SECRETS and shorts "Atheist's Dinner Party" and "Restricted Diet", among many others).  In addition to HOUSE OF SECRETS he is also directed the short films "Alone..." and "The Old Woman & the Park(s) and "Miss Kitty & Me" and "The Morning After" as well as the documentary "How to Make a Zombie Movie."  and is in pre-production on his latest feature SEANCED, a co-production with PDG Entertainment and Creates Studio.




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